Focus on Associations

The Law Offices of Wells | Olah |Cochran, P.A. concentrates its practice in the representation of condominium, homeowner, cooperative and community associations, and the civil litigation arising out of that representation. We have offices located in Sarasota and Venice to better serve the needs of your community association.

We routinely advise our community association clients on delinquent assessment collection, resolving enforcement disputes with owners, arbitration, mediation, director recall disputes, addressing and resolving DBPR complaints, document rewrites, amendment packages, construction lien law and contract matters, and generally all aspects of operating a community association under various federal and Florida laws.

Our skilled attorneys are knowledgeable in every aspect of federal and Florida community association law. We have a strong litigation department with creative problem resolving abilities. This allows us to provide our clients with aggressive and cost-effective legal services.

Whether you have small document rewrite needs or large-scale construction defect issues, our attorneys are prepared to answer your questions and represent the interests of your community association. We invite you to contact our office today to learn how The Law Offices Wells | Olah | Cochran, P.A. can help meet your Association's legal needs.

How We Are Different

Qualified Legal Advice

Community Association law is all we do and we do it well. With hundreds of clients in Sarasota, Manatee, Charlotte and Pinellas counties, we have worked on nearly every facet of community association law. Our experience and in-depth knowledge of this area of the law helps us better serve our clients every day.

Keeping Clients Informed

At least once a year our attorneys produce the Board's Bulletin, our client newsletter. The Board's Bulletin provides a simple and practical summary of recent changes in community association law and insight from our attorneys on how those changes may impact the association in the upcoming year.

Creative & Timely Solutions

Sometimes the best solutions do not always involve going to court. Our attorneys can help clients achieve resolutions to their problems in a timely and cost-effective manner with or without a lawsuit. No matter the chosen approach, our firm prides itself on providing prompt and diligent solutions for our clients.

Legal Services Overview

Association Foreclosures

We represent community associations in foreclosures against unit owners or homeowners.

Defense of Bank Foreclosure

We represent the community associations' interests when the owner is in bank foreclosure.

Collection of Delinquent Assessments

We represent community associations in their collection of delinquent assessments owed to the association by owners.

Arbitration and Mediation

We represent community associations not just in court but also in arbitration and mediation.

DBPR Enforcement Proceedings

We represent community associations in enforcement suits.

Rule and Covenant Enforcement

We represent community associations in enforcing rules and covenants against owners, tenants, guests and invitees.